Concord Township…high density housing coming your way

Yikes 1A Concord lobbyist made us aware of this disaster in the making…

Do you want to live near high-density rental units?

  • Up to 200 rental units, 4 times the current allowed density.
  • A developer is asking the Zoning Commission and Trustees to consider this density, up to 8 units per acre, on the 26-acre Horse Farm on Prouty Rd, next to SR 44. This property is surrounded by single family homes.
  • The property is about a half mile from the dangerous five-way Morley-Prouty-Pinehill intersection.
  •  This rezoning would generate up to 1,600 car trips through this dangerous intersection or the stop signs on Prouty at Auburn or Ravenna.
  • While the developer’s current plan is to build an Active Adult Independent Living Community, once the property is rezoned, ANY high-density project can be built.
  • If the township allows this high-density development, which property will be next in Concord?

Want to stop this high-density  development?


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  1. The Zoning Commission unanimously voted it down last night.

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  2. Sounds exactly what is happening in Burton and Auburn townships Geauga County.


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