This is a Quiz…from Knox County

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(LFC Comments:  Our Knox County lobbyist, Warren Edstrom, has a quiz for our readers dealing with the the U.S. House of Representatives.)

This is a Quiz

Written by Warren Edstrom of  Knox County

Where can you get a job…?

  1. That has next to no requirements to qualify for the job?  I mean no training or experience.
  2. Where you cannot be fired for not doing your job?
  3. Where you cannot be held accountable for your job performance?
  4. Where you do not get a job review?
  5. Where you can give yourself a pay raise?
  6. Where 33,000 people are trying to give you money to listen to them talk?
  7. Where you do not have to show up for work and you still get paid your full pay?
  8. Where all your expenses are paid?
  9. Where someone else pays for your retirement and your health care?
  10. Where you are exempt from a substantial number of laws that everyone else has to obey at the risk of arrest and/or imprisonment?

If you said:  “Where do I sign up for this job? It sounds too good to be true.” – THEN RUN FOR CONGRESS!

In our present political situation, we have half of the U.S. House of Representatives, who have refused to do their job, yet they still get their pay, perks, vacations, healthcare, and retirement benefits.  In the private sector, these people would have been sent packing after the first day of thumbing their noses at the people who hired them.  They would hang their heads in shame for being such abject failures for their complete lack of job performance.  Yet they breathlessly run around thinking they have finally been able to overthrow a duly elected President.

fake news image

Their comrades in media gleefully repeat blatant lies as if these lies are the gospel truths.  In the days gone by, we could rely on the media to seek out the truth no matter where the journey took them and report it to the people.  The foxes are now guarding the hen house.

The House of Representative Democrats have, for the last three years, been neglecting the job we sent them there to do.  No budget, no trade deals with Mexico and Canada.  They were sent to Washington to represent us, and to solve the urgent problems of the American people.  All they have done is squandered their time and ours trying to overturn an election.  They have forgotten that their party and their power are not supposed to come before the welfare and safety of the American people.

Recall election

Since there has been a blatant betrayal of the American people, I propose that the citizens of each state start immediate impeachment / recall petitions for these Representatives who are being grossly negligent in doing their jobs.. Let’s replace them with those who are not fixated on party power, and replace them with those who seek to service and benefit the people of the United States of America.

Hmmmm image

(LFC comments: While we agree 100% with the patriot from Knox County, this would require money and a tremendous effort from the very silent majority in this country.  We often wonder what will it take for patriots around the country to say “enough is enough”.  The general election in 2020 will be a real indicator of our country’s direction.  Do we remain a Constitutional Republic, or do we change course and jump on the Venezuela bandwagon.  Socialism is the precursor to full blown totalitarian Communism.  So what legacy do you want to leave to the next generations? Perhaps a better question is do you care what you leave for the next generations?

Benjamin Franklin was right when asked what form of government did the founders establish:  “A Republic, if you can keep it!”)

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