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  1. I cant believe no one is concerned about this. This can be compared to Covid-19 (Plus). It just won’t kill you in a few days. The FCC makes ~$5.00 on all these devices per month and they do not regulate this. I believe it tis regulated by the FDA. They wont even come out and check the radiation levels. I have called them!
    I have had a headache from a near by cell tower which is small beans compared to 5G and its micro wave radiation. Some types of 5G cause DNA changes which leads to cancer. People are under the impression that 5G is just a standard upgrade to their phone. 2G…3G…4G….5G. It should be outlawed along with all the towers they are hiding in trees and under church steeples. The story regarding Cancer to the kids and teachers in Ripon, CA was covered up. The school allowed the install of Sprint tower s and a people came down with cancer. They tried to blame it on something else. Of course there is not updates on these type of stories. Heck they aren’t even being reported. How can we STOP 5G micro stations from being put up in our area? That and smart meters?


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