Paradox Prize Project…LakeTran experiment

(LFC Comment: We received some inquiries from Lake County taxpayers about LakeTran providing transportation to Lake County employees living in East Cleveland and Cleveland, so we sent the following email to Mr. Ben Capelle, Executive Director of LakeTran.)

Mr. Capelle,
We have been reading with great interest the article on the Paradox Prize Project and the concept of supplying transportation to workers from Cleveland and East Cleveland into Lake County. We also have received inquires about the cost to the taxpayers for this project.
The last sales tax increase was sold with the message of helping seniors, and not paying for out of county workers’ transportation
Do you have any idea of the costs incurred by LakeTran for this project?  Will the Lake County employers that benefit from the workers share in any of the costs for the transportation?
Is there a program for Lake County residents to use LakeTran as a means of getting to their job in Lake County?
Thank you for your assistance in this matter.
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Here is Mr. Capelle’s response to our email.  We thank Mr. Capelle for again being prompt and transparent in answering our questions.


Hey Brian,

The Paradox Prize project that we are involved was submitted by the Commissioner’s Office  in partnership with us and the Lake County Port Authority.  The Paradox Prize is a program funded by the Fund for Economic Future and you can find more information on the actual Paradox Prize program here

To date Laketran and the other partners have not incurred  any expense, but the project is scheduled to start soon.  The $75,000 we have received will be the only funds going into the project, there will be no tax payer funds involved in the project, except for a minimal amount of time from my management team and they are all salary, so there is no increase in expenses associated with that management.  At this time the employers do not have any out of pocket expenses, for the pilot program.  In the event the program is deemed a success and the employers wished to continue it, we would need to have a conversation with them about how it would be funded.

The project is financially segregated from our normal operation, we will not be using our new or old sales tax revenue for the program.

The program current has 2 distinct parts the first is getting Lincoln Electric employees from their Euclid facility to their Mentor facility.  The second part is getting employees to Component Repair Technologies (CRT).  These employees will be picked up from various locations based on where CRT indicates they have pockets of employees, I believe they are assembling a group from the Painesville area and one from Eastern Cuyahoga County, I am not sure if that is specifically East Cleveland, Euclid, etc.  So the program is open to any potential employee CRT finds, regardless of location.

I hope this answers all your questions, if not feel free to contact me.  Thanks!

Ben Capelle | CEO

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