Congressman ‘Just Dave’ Joyce Shows His True Colors…just a deceiver

dectecting a deceiver

(LFC Comments: Well, ‘Just Dave’ has endlessly purported to be a conservative – but that is only to get elected.  Based on his actions on this bill  we, hereby, permanently revoke his “Conservative” label.  We are calling out all the deceivers!

Dave Joyce is running against Mark Pitrone in the GOP primary on March 17th for the the Representative to Congress 14th District. Just remember ‘Just Dave the deceiver’…we found out just in time!)

Congressman Dave Joyce co-sponsors anti-religious freedom bill!

from our friends at Citizens for Community Values

ACTION ALERT: Call Ohio Congressman David Joyce’s office and tell him to no longer sponsor the anti-religious freedom bill!


Congressman David Joyce is one of 8 co-sponsors on a dangerous Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity bill.

The deceptively named “Fairness for All Act” is one of the greatest threats to religious freedom, parental rights, and the safety and privacy of women and children in America today.

Call Congressman Joyce’s office now and tell him you oppose the deceptive “Fairness for All” Act!    (440) 352-3939


Congressman Joyce’s bill would:
  • Require boys be allowed to play in girls’ sports and use girls’ locker rooms if they claim to identify as a girl. This would destroy opportunities for female athletes to excel and receive college sports scholarships.
  • Require homeless shelters to allow men to bathe and bunk with women. If a homeless or domestic violence shelter accepts federal grants, they will be forced to maintain transgender facilities.
  • Allow state government to remove children from parents’ custody if they don’t consent to dangerous conversion/hormone therapy, as is already happening in Hamilton County.
  • Force doctors to participate in “gender transition” surgeries and procedures without regards to the medical ethics involved in permanent sterility and removal of healthy body parts.

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  1. Dave Joyce has deceived many people for many years. Spread the word about the “true” Dave Joyce.



  1. “JUST Politically Correct DAVE”…needs to be called out – Lobbyists for Citizens

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