Coronavirus Tracking by Country and State

(LFC Comments: Many thanks to Tom Niewulis and our friends at for this informative article.)

Published Tuesday, March 17, 2020

We extend our thanks to Tom Niewulis, known to many in Northeast Ohio as Samuel Adams Returns, for providing information about a remarkable teenager keeping track of the ongoing attacks of Corona Virus throughout the world. Much of the information provided by Sam Adams Returns comes from article about 17-year-old resident, Avi Schiffman, who installed his informational website in December 2019, to be able to provide the latest “real-time” information about the number of cases anywhere in the world. His website, which receives about 1000 email messages a day, is so widely visited that it generates an ERROR message when it first connects. Avi is so unique that generated a biographical article.

As it turns out, Avi has been able to correlate data on and from for visitors anywhere in the world to gain an accurate understanding of the breadth and depth of the virus everywhere on the globe.

We are grateful to this young man for helping his elders to have an accurate understanding of the dynamics of the viral outbreak. We believe that this information will be one of the chief tools in helping the “experts” to maintain their sanity and logic in order to resolve this problem.

If you are not able to connect with because of the high web traffic you can also find latest coronavirus cases on and for real time visualizations on and for live updates on and for U.S. data . All these websites update several times each day.

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