Press Release…calling for DeWine to resign

(LFC Comment: Here is an article from Tom Z. of “We the People Convention” calling for the resignation or removal of Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine.  Advice to the Governor:  When you are in a hole and can’t get out, stop digging.)


For Immediate Release: Monday, March 16, 2020 10:00 PM EDT
Contact: Tom Zawistowski,
Akron, OH: Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, called for the immediate resignation of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine due to his decision to break the law by defying the court order by Franklin County Common Pleas Court Judge Richard A. Frye to allow Tuesday’s election to proceed as planned, creating a Constitutional crisis.
Zawistowski said, “This action tonight by Governor DeWine is both unlawful and totally unacceptable and should be ignored by every Board of Elections in Ohio. He said in his Press Conference just TODAY that he did not have the authority to cancel the election and now he is exercising authority he admits he doesn’t have. He and his incompetent Health Director, Dr. Acton, provided not one shred of evidence in their announcement today as to why it was safe yesterday to vote but then it was suddenly not safe on Tuesday. The decision was totally arbitrary and clearly illegal. Judge Frye should order that he be arrested for defying the court and the Ohio Supreme Court should act as well to reign in this out-of-control Governor. This is an impeachable offense and the Legislature should act immediately to remove him if he does not resign. This election must go on Tuesday.”
Zawistowski continued, “Governor DeWine has been recklessly infringing on the Constitutional rights and liberties of Ohioans with unreasonable orders that are destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of our citizens. The nerve of him to tell business owners and private citizens that we must follow his laws, but he will not follow the laws of our State! That is the definition of Tyranny and it must not be allowed in our State. If DeWine will not follow the law, then why should the citizens? His action tonight clearly undermines and brings into question all of the actions he has taken in the past few weeks. We need new leadership that can represent the best interest of all citizens at this critical time when we must have a leader with integrity.”


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  1. I am concerned about the criticism of the approach being taken by the state of Ohio (and I have never been a fan of Mike DeWine), but I think it is the right approach. We are in a public health emergency. And up till this past weekend, I was thinking that there was a little too much hype going on.

    But here is the information that caused me to think differently about it.

    There are two basic ways to deal with a highly contagious virus such as CV-19. One is to get everyone infected as quickly as possible by continuing in our daily lives. Once the virus runs out of new hosts, it self-eradicates. However, it leaves in its wake a lot of dead people. As I understand the numbers being reported, the death rate in Italy is around 8%. The kicker is that the number of seriously ill people has overwhelmed the medical system and its ability to provide the necessary treatment. When this happens, choices need to be made with regard to who gets the ventilator and who doesn’t. Then the medical personnel start getting sick and there is a shortage of the people who can help those who are ill.

    The second way to deal with the virus is to immediately have everyone self-quarantine for the necessary 14 days or so. The virus will self-eradicate again not because there aren’t new hosts to infect but because those new hosts aren’t in the vicinity to be infected.

    And while some people may have only very mild symptoms, others can have very serious, life-threatening symptoms that lead to other complications. And it doesn’t happen only to older people.

    The short term inconvenience in the latter approach far outweighs the number of people who lose their lives to the virus. And this includes not just the elderly (those over 65) but reaches down to 40 or even lower.
    While the second approach is hard to actually implement with everyone, the extent to which it is done reduces the peak impact of the virus.

    With regard to shutting down the primary election, I think it was a prudent move. The vast majority of poll workers are elderly folks. The voters that come through may be asymptomatic but may very well be carrying the virus, which is already communicable. What is so critical about holding the primary election today?

    It only makes sense to take the necessary precautions to keep this thing from spreading like it has in China and Italy. The medical professionals making these recommendations have nothing to gain personally other than knowing that they have done the right thing. Let us also do the right thing by following these guidelines to the extent that we can.


    • You may want to read the article by Italian John regarding the virus in Italy. DeWine was inept the way he handled it. Should have been done through the legislature last week. The on again off again scenario was bush league, in my opinion.


  2. If Dewine is above the law, why should I or Trump follow the law? Please people, with out law its chaos. Time to strap on a 45 and all take into their own hands? Sanctuary city mayor’s & Governors should be put in jail! When will elites have to follow the laws we meager citizens have to follow?


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