Why Italy?…Why so many deaths?


(LFC Comments:  This article explains how the Italian politicians have sold out their citizens.  When the average birth rate falls below 2.1, eventually you will need outsiders to fill the gap.  That is what happened to the Italians, and it cost them plenty.  This is an example of how to take over a country without firing a shot.  Evil works in incremental steps!)


Excerpts from the article:

  • “Thirty years ago, Italy saw the beginnings of what would become a serious issue with illegal immigration”.
  • “Hundreds of thousands of Chinese immigrants now live both legally and illegally in Italy, with 300K legally registered and many more illegal.”
  • “The trend continued as whole villages in Italy became Chinese villages, with the Chinese displacing the Italians who lived there, creating their own neighborhoods, and pushing out decades of Italian family owned business”.
  • “…the Italians were forced to pay their taxes and follow the employment guidelines, while the Chinese seemed to have built flourishing enterprises by skirting the rules, treating their people poorly, and engaging in rich human smuggling operations, to boot. There was little accountability for the Chinese, and much for the native Italians”.
  • “As China withheld information about the seriousness and spread of Wuhan corona-virus, many of these immigrants were returning- and arriving – from China.”
  • “This video was released on February 4, and was produced by the Chinese government. Under the guise of being “woke”, the Italian government prodded their citizens to erase the stigma surrounding the virus, and hug one of the hundreds of thousands of Chinese who had been living, recently returned, or recently arrived in Italy.”
    Yikes 3
  • “…sadly it appears in their attempt to please the purse strings, they put a large percentage of their citizens in harms way”.

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