Concord Township Development…here we grow again..updated 4/1

From the desk of Brian Massie of Concord Township…

Residents living in the Nature Preserve South subdivision were very curious about the clearing of trees taking place on the large parcel of land between Timberlane and Rainbow Drive this weekend. We sent an email to Mr. Andy Rose, the Concord Township Administrator, asking if he knows about any development going on in the area.  He responded very quickly, and sent a copy of the developer’s plan for “Eagle Pointe” Development Plan.

It looks like 47 single family homes on about 1/4 acre lots.  Since it is still under review, we will reach out to the building department to see if the developer is asking for any variances.  We are not sure if a change in zoning is required, but will find out for everyone.

Mr. Rose wanted me to be sure to report that this is still preliminary and still has to go before the zoning commission.

Mr. Rose’s email to me:

           Good afternoon. Here is the latest version of the development plan. It is still under review. While under review, the developer is clearing trees.
Andy Rose
Concord Township’s Administrator
[You will have to rotate the plan to be able to read it]
*********************1776Updated: 3/30/20
Thanks to a neighbor for finding this March 3, 2020 special meeting of the Concord Township Zoning Commission.  At approximately the 13:45 mark you will hear a discussion between the developer, Mr. Greg Sommers, and  a Zoning Commission representative, Mr. Andrew Ligenfelter.  They are debating the accuracy of the development plans submitted.
[Go to the March 3rd special meeting of the Zoning Commission and click on the video link]
We have been asked if the developer can cut down the trees before any approvals are received from the Zoning Commission.   The answer we received from the township official is that it is perfectly legal for a landowner to cut down all the trees on his/her property before any approval is received on the type and quantity of homes that are to be built on the property.

Update: 3/31/20

Here are some pictures of the property that will ultimately become the Eagle Pointe sub-division:

Eagle pointe 1Eagle pointe 2

Updated: 4/1/20

Thanks to a Concord lobbyist for this update on the proposed development in Concord Township.

At the last Zoning Commission meeting, this plan was reviewed. It would require a rezoning from R1 to RCD, Residential Conservation Development. There were a number of people at the preliminary site review.

The developer has to first produce a “yield plan” which shows the number of homes he could build, if he built a regular R1 subdivision. He basically just put a grid on top of the acreage. Stormwater, the Planning Commission, Town Hall, etc all said he did not produce a practical yield plan.

The site has wetlands and a stream with riparian setbacks. They say the yield plan should have about six fewer houses. Even Andy Lingenfelter agrees! With the yield plan, the developer then gets a % bonus, for conserving open space. You can watch the entire review on the Zoning Commission’s meeting from March.

If the developer agrees with the fewer number of homes for the yield plan, I think the RCD is a good way to develop the property. It keeps the sensitive environmental areas in place, which should produce less stormwater, less runoff and less flooding in the area. If people want to buy a big house on a little piece of property, go for it!

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  1. Not sure, but I think the issue is the number of homes to be built in the development. The developer, of course, wants to maximize the number of homes that can be built to maximize his profit potential.

  2. Why are they clearing if it has not gone before zoning??
    Sounds like a done deal!

  3. Brian:

    Most Importantly, WHO IS THE OWNER DEVELOPER? Bob Zames

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