Rally at the Statehouse 4/18 at 1:30 pm

we will not stop
Governor “Chicken Little” DeWine is keeping YOU and 11.6 million other Ohioans in your home and out of your job and your business closed because 5 people died, FIVE, in Ohio from Coronavirus yesterday. Down from 10 on Monday! REALLY? Then DeWine lied and said 50 people had died in the past 24 hours!
(Just run your mouse over the very top of each day on this Death Chart to see for yourself. Notice they don’t have a chart of deaths by day just of accumulated deaths so that you can’t see how the deaths are way down.)
Many more Ohioans have died as a result of his draconian lockdown! DeWine just will not tell you how many have died from suicide, drug abuse and alcohol abuse since destroyed your job and your business and your savings and your life.
The “death rate” from coronavirus is now projected to be just .03% meaning that 99.97% of anyone who get’s it will not only NOT DIE but most will not even know they are sick! We are being caged like animals for something that is not as deadly as the regular flu?
DeWine is going to keep our state closed because he doesn’t respect you enough to make your own informed decisions and he thinks he MUST tell you what you can and can’t do! Stand up and Defend Your Liberty NOW or you may never get it back from this confused little tyrant who can’t do simple math! The nation is watching what we do in Ohio! Join your fellow Patriots each day at the State House and demand an end to this Tyranny!
For Liberty,
Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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