Republican Response to Democrat Proposals

(LFC Comments: We want to ensure that Ohio continues to have free and fair elections.  We will be expressing our views on the preferred voting methods for the November elections in due course.

We are publishing the following rebuttal from the Republican side of the aisle. They are addressing the changes in voter registration and  the alternative voting methods proposed by Ohio’s Democrat Party.  We offer this forum for any rebuttal by the Democrats.  Here is a link to our original article regarding the Democrats’ proposals.)

F LaRose image

“Never allow a crisis to go to waste.”

Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel coined the phrase during the 2008 economic crisis, and sadly many out-of-state liberal activists seem set on following his advice as Ohio prepares for the November election. 

This week liberal special interests and even some of their Democratic allies in the legislature began pushing for the removal of in-person voting, to legalize ballot harvesting, and even to flood the voter rolls with abandoned and inaccurate registrations. And now Nancy Pelosi is trying to push these ideas on Ohio and other states. We cannot allow this to happen.

Frank LaRose


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