Concord Community Input Session

First community input session for Concord’s two new fire stations announced

 June 16, 2020    7:00 p.m.
Quail Hollow Resort
Ballroom on 2nd floor

1)      Participate in person  OR

2)      Participate via video and/or phone

Concord Trustees will hold the first of their community input sessions regarding building two new fire stations.

It is an opportunity for you to hear from Concord administration, fire officials, and the architect about Concord’s major issues that inform the size, design and cost of new fire stations.

Importantly, it will give you an opportunity to ask questions and offer ideas regarding the township and new fire stations.

This is a critical point in the process and a key opportunity for you to provide input. 

We will send you more information once the township provides the details.  In the meantime, please let your Concord friends, neighbors and family know about this important meeting.

With you in making a difference,

Bob Sanderson


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  1. Thank you, Brian. It’s important for all tax-paying Concord residents to hear what work the trustees have done since the November defeat of Issue 1 in developing size and cost appropriate emergency response resource that will be in place for years.

    We hope many will take the time to attend this first stakeholder input meeting, either in person or via teleconference, as this is everyone’s chance to provide important input and ask the necessary questions.

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