Showdown for District 61…Callender vs Dudziak

We are going to be featuring articles about the local races for State Representative, State Senate, and Lake County Commissioners.  We will start with the State Representative for District 61.

Jamie Callender

Jamie Callender

Here is the incumbent Republican Jamie Callender






Adam Dudziak

Adam Dudziak

Here is the Democrat challenger Adam Dudziak



Since Mr. Dudziak is new to the political scene, we wanted to reach out to him to see if he would give us his qualifications and position on certain issues.  Here is the email that we sent to Mr. Dudziak:


“We are a non-profit entity that promotes truth and transparency in government.  We write a daily newspaper on a variety of issues that interest the citizens of the community.  

If you care to provide us with the information requested, we will be writing an article for our website, comparing your position on issues and qualifications against the current officeholder.  

I watched your Facebook video and you mentioned that you have core values that you will never change.  Would you mind giving us those core values?     

How strong do you believe you are on financial matters?  You did mention that school levies bring in a fixed amount of revenue and never increase.  Therefore, the schools must be constantly promoting property tax increases.  However, that is not entirely accurate since there are property revaluations every 3 and 6 years, and the inside millage revenue may increase without a vote of the taxpayers, and schools receive additional funds.   School funding will NEVER decrease, but the enrollment continues to decline.  It is simply not sustainable.

Do you recognize that if we stay on the current path of ever increasing property taxes, we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve.   

If you are elected, on what committees do you hope to serve?  

What is your position on the Ohio Sunshine laws? 

What is your position on abortion issues?

What is your position on the Black Lives Matter issue and defunding, or eliminating the local police departments.

I believe that you said in the video that you will address these issues in your first term:

  1. Education funding
  2. Support Lake County farmers
  3. Ensure a clean environment
  4. Redistricting boundaries for State Representatives
  5. Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

Are we correct, or did we miss an issue?

Thank you,

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens
a 501 (c) (4) Non-Profit


We do know Mr. Callender and have spoken to him and his Columbus office staff numerous times.  We will be asking Mr. Callender basically the same questions.  We will report everything we receive from both candidates.


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