News-Herald got caught…with their facts down

[LFC Comments:  Whispering in Willoughby Hills…did you see the 180 degree turn by the News-Herald in their June 16th article about the Willoughby Hills lawsuit?  Careful, this kind of reporting can give you whiplash.]


Excerpts from the article that was published on June 16th by the News-Herald:

“According to the complaint, the case is currently being investigated by the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office, Ohio Ethics Commission, and the Ohio Auditor’s office.”

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EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was edited at 6 p.m., June 18, to add comments by county and state officials regarding claims of an investigation. (Emphasis added by LFC)

Here are the additions that the News-Herald made on June 18th at 6 p.m.:

“Lake County Prosecutor Charles Coulson, however, said his office is not reviewing that case, and a spokesperson for the Auditor of State’s Office also said they are not conducting an investigation.”

“Ohio Ethics Commission Executive Director Paul Nick said he cannot confirm or deny investigations by his office, but said his office does not handle Sunshine Law violations.”



Thanks to the Willoughby Hills News for their article on this issue:

News-Herald Catches Mayor Andy Gardner’s Supporters in Lie Under Oath in Suit Against Fellows

Excerpt from the article:

“On June 18, the News-Herald issued a correction to its story about the lawsuit filed by Mayor Andy Gardner’s supporters—Tony Miller, Vicki Miller, Jeffrey Fruscella, Steve Crone, and Jack Hay—which seeks to remove 18-year Councilwoman Nancy Fellows from office.  Miller and his cohorts claimed under oath that Fellows is under investigation by County Prosecutor Charles Coulson, the Ohio State Auditor’s Office, and the Ohio Ethics Commission.  The News-Herald originally reported this claim without verification, but the newspaper has since contacted these agencies and they refuted Miller and friends’ claims.”


[LFC Comments:  We have several problems with this story.  Why would the News-Herald print a story  that they had not verified?  That is very questionable journalism.  Did they use the original story for their newspaper mailed to their subscribers? If they did, how would the correction be seen by those subscribers?  They have, unintentionally, aided in the smearing of Nancy Fellows.


One would also ask why would five people lie under oath when the verification of their claims could be so easily debunked?   In our opinion, they have brought dishonor to their family names, the Willoughby Hills Council and Administration.

We would expect a written public apology to be forthcoming from these individuals.  Mayor Gardner, what say you?

We have not seen the actual complaint filed.  However, if the statement about the investigations are indeed included in the complaint, the 5 individuals may want to amend their original complaint.  Our guess is that the courts do not like sworn statements that are not factual. No legal advice…just stating the obvious.



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  1. It is unfortunate, but it does appear that the News Herald is just as bad as CNN, the failing NYT and WaPo.

    They print without verifying anything on a story like this but print absolutely nothing but fluff about the Better Flip debacle. Your investigations into the Better Flip forced the port authority board to admit they did not prepare a budget, which is nonfeasance at the very least. Reporters of the Fake News Herald attended commissioners meetings where all this was discussed on the record, right? I think I read in one of your articles that you said you sent copies of everything you had to both the News Herald and the Gazette newspapers.

    So let me get this straight…very well researched investigations, complete with proof that only a lawyer could love, are never printed so the people are kept like mushrooms (in the dark and covered in crap), yet bold faced lies are printed as truth? Wow.

    • Yes, that about sums it up. Sadly, Commissioners Cirino and Young were also involved in the coverup. Hamercheck was the only one that was concerned about the antics of the Portt Authority, but he is only one vote, and Crino gets what he wants. {on everything] Rantala and Board President Art Lindrose, and the whole Port Board were guilty of malfeasance in our opinion.


  1. GoFundMe…you are kidding, right? – Lobbyists for Citizens

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