COVID-19 Testing Results for Ohio

[LFC Comments:  Thanks to Lobbyist Jim for sending us the Department of Health website link.]

Here is a link to the Ohio Department of Health’s website providing interesting statistics on the COVID-19 testing in Ohio.

The chart compares the number of positive COVID-19 tests versus the overall tests given daily for the period March 25th thru July 7th.

The chart shows a “spike” in the percentage of positive tests for April 18th with 1,347 positives versus 3,679 total tests (36.6%). {to see the daily results, you will need to hover over the blue vertical bar on the chart}

Now compare that with the results for July 9th – 732 positive tests out of 14,719 total tests (5.0%)

The percentages are a bit misleading since the number of actual tests done in April were significant lower than in July.  If the same number of tests performed in July were done in April the percentage of number of positive cases would be approximately 9% – 10%.

For the period March 25 – July 5 there were 877,664 tests administered and 59,226 positive tests. [6.7%]

The % of those that tested positive that subsequently died is 5.04%.  [2,970 / 58,904 (July 1st)]

The % of those that died versus the total number of tests is .34%  [2,970 / 877,664]

We wondered what the projected numbers would be for the entire State of Ohio if we could test every individual in Ohio.

Total Population for Ohio in 2019       11,690,000
Estimated testing positive                          788,858 [11,690,000 x 6.7%]
Estimated number of deaths                       39,746 [788,858 x 5.04% or 11,690,000 x .34%]]


So how does this compare with what we were told by Governor DeWine and his then Medical Director, Dr. Amy Acton?  Here is an article that provides the answers.

They projected in late March that the number of COVID-19 cases should reach 10,000 a day with the peak in late April.  Without the social distancing the number of cases could reach 51,000 per day.

When we reviewed that actual statistics the peak days were April 17, 18 and 19 with 1,017, 1,461, and 1,347 confirmed cases with the number of tests in the range of 4,000 per day.

The Ohio Governor was willing to destroy the economy of his State based on statistics provided by his esteemed scientist, Dr. Amy Acton.

And what does good old Dr. Fauci say about science?  “Science is TRUTH!”

So much for “settled science”.    Lies, deceptions, and betrayals surround us.

tangled web of deception


COVID-19 source?  Chinese wet markets and bat soup you say….yea, right…


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  1. Do you know what I find interesting? Do a search online for the ‘total number of people that died in the US in 2019’ or the ‘total number of people who died in the US so far in 2020.’ The U.N website will offer a number for 2019 but not the CDC. How does the UN have US death stats and not the CDC? And if you read carefully they have disclaimers stating that basically these are wild guesses. So, how is it I can’t get an accurate number of the total people to die in the US in 2019 (7 months into 2020) but I can get a DAILY body count from Covid-19? I find this extremely curious!

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