[LFC Comments:  The Democrats / Socialists / Communists in the North Carolina teachers’ union has issued a threat to the taxpayers in North Carolina.  If illegal aliens are not given universal health care and welfare benefits then schools will not reopen, and remote learning will all that is offered.

Just for the record here is the definition of EXTORTION:

“the practice of obtaining something, especially money, through force or threats.”

If the Teachers’ Union for Lake County schools make the same demands, we will look to have our property taxes returned.   NO SCHOOL – NO PAY! ]


Excerpt from the article:

“A North Carolina teachers’ union is calling for the implementation of universal health care and welfare benefits for illegal immigrants in order to reopen schools in the fall.”


[LFC Comments:  It is very obvious that the Democrats are trying to create a permanent underclass that is totally dependent on them.  In turn, the illegals will ultimately be given the right to vote, and will vote to support those that are providing them with the free benefits.  Corruption is plentiful in the teachers’ unions.]

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  1. Those masks advertised on here for $6.99 seem like a great value. Is there a link that I can use to make sure you get credit for the purchase?


  2. No work no pay! no entitlements for you or anyone else to go back to doing your JOB!


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