The Ultimate Target?…God

A few years ago, we were speaking at a Geauga Tea Party meeting.  We started with this statement:  “We are not only in a culture war, but a spiritual one as well.”  We received a big “Amen” from Pastor Ernie Sanders.   With all of the turmoil in our land, it was not a far stretch to predict that it was just a matter of time before the communist mob started attacking the Christians and their churches.   God has been slowly, but surely removed from the institutions in our society.  Many churches have stopped preaching the revealed Word of God and replaced it with the social gospels of today’s culture.  They  tripped over their 501 (c) (3) non-profit status, and packed away their “black robes”.

The continuing escalating unrest was unavoidable when the federal officials, then the state and then the local officials would not stop the lawlessness that is permeating our society.  For example, no one has done the “perp walk” for the coup d’ etat against a sitting President of the United States.   Have you heard of anyone arrested for burning down the  police station?  We have heard about all the sealed indictments, and the stellar work down by the attorneys Bill Barr and John Durham.   However, all we see are the Democrats burning down our country, and the Republicans pontificating how wrong it is.  Yes, we must concede that the current Republican Congressional leadership is all bark and no bite!

Do you ever wonder why?  As long as the Republicans keep their jobs, they would throw President Trump under the bus because he is a threat to many of them also.

toothless tiger 1
The Democrats are ultimate fighter warriors, and the Republicans are content to play “Twister”.  Talk about “toothless tigers”!


Here is an article from detailing the attacks on Christian churches:

Excerpt from the article:

“According to St. Joseph’s pastor, Rev. John Paul Walker, the church was desecrated using pink paint, including a pentagram and the symbol for anarchy.”

“The underlying motive of these sacrilegious attacks is clear: to intimidate and instill fear in the hearts of those who worship Christ.”

“Here’s the rundown of attacks on the Christian church over just the last two months — ten in the last month — which coincides with the lawless rioting, vandalism, and looting at the hands of the corporate media’s and Democrat Party’s Brownshirts in the left-wing Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorist groups:

July 16: Statue of Christ decapitated inside a Florida church

July 15: Statue of Virgin Mary decapitated outside Tennessee church

July 12: Statue of Virgin Mary lit on fire in Boston

July 11: Suspect arrested after detectives “say he plowed a minivan through the front door of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala, doused the foyer with gasoline and set it on fire, causing extensive damage”

July 11: Arson suspected in devastating fire at San Gabriel Mission in California

July 10: Statue of Virgin Mary desecrated with spray paint in Brooklyn

July 4: Statue of St. Junipero Serra toppled in Sacramento, California

June 20: Statue of St. Junipero Serra toppled in Los Angeles, California

June 19: Statue of St. Junipero Serra toppled in San Francisco, California

May 31: St. John’s Church firebombed in Washington, DC

“Once you allow any kind of lawlessness, it becomes a Pandora’s box. The establishment media and Democrats know this, which is why they applauded the tearing down of Confederate statues and then attempted to gaslight the public into believing it would stop there. The Church was always the ultimate target, which is why the media are now encouraging these attacks by ignoring them.”


Hmmmm image


[LFC Comments: Satan’s minions will not stop unless there is push back by law enforcement.  Without law enforcement???…take a guess what comes next.]

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  1. Democrats have been taking the country down for 50 years. Republicans have been barking and accomplishing little during those 50 years, just slowing down the progression to the left. They never stop or reverse the progress, just slow it down. They aren’t Christians, so they really only bark without any understanding what is at stake. It’s tough knowing the truth, and watching everyone go through the motions without any conviction to the truth. That is why the corruption is constant and ever growing and seems to be a concern to the masses. Seems the only thing I do these days is alienate friends and family as I watch them head for the wide gate!


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