Month: July 2020

Ohio Democrat Party…at the gov’t trough

[LFC Comments: Free money is hard to pass up…regardless of the optics..$333K is a nice chunk of change.  One could argue if the political parties are really essential.] ***** Excerpts from the article: “A federal Paycheck Protection Program loan… Read More ›

Congressional Benefits…update

This is an update to a previous article about our State Representative Dave Joyce and his pension benefits. Here is the previous article: We did receive a response on 7/9/20 from Mr. Ryan Kelly, a staff member at Rep…. Read More ›

COVID-19 Testing Results for Ohio

[LFC Comments:  Thanks to Lobbyist Jim for sending us the Department of Health website link.] Here is a link to the Ohio Department of Health’s website providing interesting statistics on the COVID-19 testing in Ohio. The chart compares the… Read More ›