It’s a Matter of Life

It’s A Matter of Life…”

Written by: “Anonymous One”

In the oft-quoted “Art of War” by Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese military strategist winning words can be reduced to three basic steps: Know you are at war; know who your enemy is; know what weapons you can use to win the war.

To apply this to our world today, can there be any doubt that we are engaged in an epic spiritual war where daily we can see good vs evil? Those politicians who operate on the side of evil are clearly numbered as being in the enemy. camp. The ballot box is our most effective weapon in ridding ourselves of the influence of those politicians.

When Godless representatives, who pervert the government, pass laws that permit killing a baby just minutes before it is to be born and it is celebrated , we are in the midst of pure evil.

Christians should ask themselves whether those evil people, willing to murder the unborn, can ever be trusted to govern the living? This is not a mere rhetorical question, the answer is an obvious and emphatic “No!”

In a few short weeks, we have an opportunity and, indeed, a duty as Christians to  combat the evil at the ballot box and replace every avowed pro-death politician with people who uphold the sanctity of human life.


[LFC Comments: Remember evil works in incremental steps. The lies, deceptions and betrayals will be packaged as “comforting lies”. However, we are hoping to wake up people to the “unpleasant truths”.

Beware of the deceivers.

Beware of the political party that promotes, Death, Dismemberment, Destruction and Deception.]

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