Ohio’s State Schools Needs Revamping

[LFC Comments: The “D” in the current Democrat Party stands for Death, Dismemberment, Division, Deception and Destruction. One way to start to reverse the destructive nature of the current, amoral Democrat Party in our public schools is to choose conservative voices for the State School Board. To that end, here are current conservative candidates on the November 3rd ballot provided to us by current conservative State School Board members.]


An important FYI, here is a list of the conservative candidates on the November ballot for State Board of Education Board Members. 

Help get these names out.

Each State school board district includes three State Senate districts.  https://www.ohiosos.gov/globalassets/publications/maps/2012-2022/ohioschoolboard_2012-2020_districtmap.pdf

District 1: Diana Fessler, Senate Districts 1+12+26  Fessler is in, she does not have an opponent! 
District 5: Lisa Woods, Senate Districts 22+24+27
District 6: Alice Nicks, Senate Districts 15+16+19
District 9: Ron Hood, Senate Districts 3+20+31
District 10: Brendan Shea, Senate Districts 10+14+17
District 11: Rocky Neale,  Senate Districts 21+23+25

These are all outstanding conservative candidates for the State School Board.  We will absolutely be able to rock and roll if they ALL would win.

It would be super to give Rocky some help.  His district is mostly Cuyahoga county . 


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  1. This is an extremely important posting for Ohio voters – good luck!

    Whoever wrote it might consider a way to contact other school boards in Ohio districts, and districts across the country to help voters choose conservative candidates for these important positions.

    School Board members, like judgeship, are supposed to be nonpartisan – but everything is political today and these positions hold enormous power. Candidates’ scripted “feel-good” promises are not helpful to the serious voter. Sincerely, Linda



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