Critical Race Theory Explained

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Lobbyist JL for this article on “Critical Race Theory”. As Peter Kirsanow stated, it undermines the entire premise of the United States and is very lucrative for those that preach this corrosive ideology.]


Critical Race Theory Explained

Written by Lobbyist JL…
Edited and formatted by LFC

Mr. Peter Kirsanow is the best at explaining this toxic theory. What is being shoved down our throats is political cultural extortion by revolutionary anarchists who are aided, encouraged and emboldened by the Trump hating media, fearful politically correct corporations and bureaucrats, leftist elites, educators and corrupt politicians.

Ohio’s State Board of Education’s new Resolution 20 wants all kids to be indoctrinated with this toxic poison.

Call your school boards and legislators!

This short video has Peter Kirsanow explaining the theory to Tucker Carlson.

President Trump sees the problem with Critical Race Theory and is doing something about it!


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