Commissioner Hamercheck’s Efforts Makes Huge Impact in Lake County Infrastructure

Commissioner John Hamercheck

Well Done Commissioner John Hamercheck!


County receiving $15 Million for projects

NOACA approves ‘unprecedented’ funding for infrastructure

By Chad Felton @believethatcfnh on Twitter

Excerpts from the article:

The Lake County commissioners this week announced that the Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency, during its Sept. 11 board meeting, unanimously approved two resolutions resulting in a $15,742,083 investment in Lake County’s infrastructure.

Commissioner John Hamercheck, who also serves as second vice president of NOACA, said two resolutions encompass the “unprecedented” regional funding.

“Our percentage of these packages is amazing,” he added. “As part of the first NOACA resolution passed, Lake County will directly and regionally be receiving $10,309,419, which is part of a $45,880,943 resolution total.”


[LFC Comments: Commissioner Hamercheck works diligently for all of the citizens of Lake County (D’s and R’s), and does not get enough credit for all the hard work behind the scenes making Lake County a great place to live. He is a very righteous man!]

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