So Exactly How Poor Is Cleveland…They are Number 1 in the Nation

This depressing graphic is distributed by The Center for Community Solutions.

To us, this illustrates a very serious problem because of the destruction of the nuclear family. When you realize the number of babies born out of wedlock, with few fathers in the home, and 70% of Cleveland high school graduates cannot read; it is no wonder Cleveland ranks as the poorest city in the nation. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is saying a lot.

Where are the churches? Are we post-Christianity as they have been in Europe for years? How do we reverse this trend?

The gate that leads to our destruction is very wide. We have turned our backs on God, and immorality is rampant throughout our society. When they now try to normalize pedophilia, and teach sexual perversions in our public schools, we can see Satan’s hand in our society’s demise.

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  1. Maybe Trump needs to get the bureaucrats out of D.C. and have them start auditing cities like Cleveland. Where does the money go? I am actually hoping he moves some Federal offices to Cleveland and hires people that live locally and have access to transportation system. So many people want to work. I so admire the young people who work at Amazon in Euclid. They are taking the hard steps to better themselves at a fair wage rate, a lot of them are buying cars and to me see a future. That is tough work and anyone who takes it on should be encouraged.

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