Paper Money Going the Way of the Buggy Whip?

[LFC Comments: To those friends and neighbors that say we are depressing them with our articles about changes coming in our society…sorry, but this article will not make your day. Depending on the time of day, we suggest a strong cup of coffee, or if you drink alcohol, a bottle of wine while you read this.]

To the not so kind reader that said I was insane, and needed mental health care, it is articles like this that make me go “hmmmmm”…get the straitjacket ready!

To the not so kind reader, you are not the first to call me insane, my wife has been saying that for 45 years.]


Digital Technocracy Trumps Paper-Money Democracy

It Isn’t About BLM, Or Face Masks, Or Lockdowns, Or Even Vaccination – – It Is About A Digital Currency That Will Take Away The Independence Of Every American

By Bill Sardi

September 25, 2020

Excerpts from the article:

“With paper money going the way of buggy whips, digital currency will be distributed directly from the federal government rather than banks and Americans will lose the anonymity of what goods and services they spend their money on.  The federal government will now know what political party you contribute to, whether you have complied with forced vaccination, etc., etc.  And if you disagree with government, your digital money card could be turned off.”

“As economist Peter Schiff has said, when government relies on taxing the people, the people control government.  But when government just prints money into existence, in this case electronically, it controls the people.”

“There will be no more paper money.  Well, that is also denied, but that is what will eventually take place.  Now there is no need for a local bank or an ATM machine.  If you want to borrow money, you do that over the telephone.  The nation’s 472,000 bank tellers lose their jobs and are added to the rolls of unemployed workers on the government dole.”

“The COVID-19 lockdown is intended to drive Americans into total dependency upon the federal government.  The “war of independence” has been lost.  All Americans become wards of the State.  No opposition to government can be mounted or your digital money card will be turned off.”

“What a guaranteed income promises, which some politicians have placed on their political platforms, is a little bit of security in exchange for total loss of freedom.  Destroy the middle class and impoverish every American worker until they beg for the digital dole out.”

Paper money to be turned in

“Presumably, Americans will be given a date to turn all their paper money into digital money at maybe an exchange rate of 80-cents on the dollar (the current average value of currencies throughout the world).  After that Americans can use paper money to roll tobacco for cigarettes.”

“Defy the federal government and all their contrived distractions now or Constitutional freedoms and liberty will only be our heritage, not our practice.”


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