Kirtland’s Political Landscape…makes one go “Hmmm”

The change in the City of Kirtland’s leadership has been very perplexing to us.

They now have extreme liberal Democrats running the beautiful city. Why?

The proud and resolute Mayor Kevin Potter convinced voters he could magically fix all the roads without raising taxes on its residents. A mighty feat, indeed, with Kirtland’s annual budget of $13 million…barely breaking even….and now a $17 Million price tag to fix the failing roads….and GROWING!

Potter and the City Council have decided to put a referendum on the November ballot to make significant zoning changes without he vote of the people. They are shifting the power from the people to the local government officials.

As the Joker said: “Riddle me this”:

If two of the most important and influential Lake County Republicans [Jerry Cirino and Jason Wuliger] live in the City of Kirtland, how can a Democrat get elected as Mayor?

Did they ever seriously campaign for the Republican in the last election, or did they “throttle back” for some reason? Now look at the fine “kettle of fish” they have bestowed on their fellow Kirtland residents.

It makes us wonder if the election was impacted by “Who is married to whom?” Isn’t that right, Jerry?


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  1. We have not discovered, to date, any direct connection between Galloway and Potter. Our antenna is always up…

  2. Sounds like Potter is another one of Chris Galloway’s friends, which is probably why Cirino and Wuliger were happy for him to take over Kirtland and run it into the ground.

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