Sarah Fowler Arthur…a very righteous person, running for State Rep.

Vote IN-PERSON, Early or on Election Day

     My husband and I were just commenting that it is hard to believe October is here already!  Not only that but early in-person and absentee voting began on Tuesday and will continue through the General Election on November 3rd.  Watch Sarah’s Election Video on Facebook!

Sarah Fowler Arthur

  • Pro-Life: Endorsed by Ohio Right to Life and Ohio Right to Life Action!
  • Pro-Gun: Aq rating with the NRA, endorsed by Buckeye Firearms Association.
  • Pro-Family: Voting against regulations that allow the state to determine children’s values and beliefs rather than parents.
  • Pro-Education: During her eight years on the State Board of Education, Sarah has been a strong advocate for local control, parental involvement and choice for the best education opportunity for each student, including trades and job skills training.
  • Pro-Agriculture: A farm girl, Sarah Fowler Arthur not only grew up on a farm but owns a farm in Rock Creek.  She is a strong advocate for agriculture and received the “2020 Friend of Agriculture” designation from the Ohio Farm Bureau AGGPAC.
  • Pro-Business: Sarah Fowler Arthur is also honored to have the endorsement of the NFIB OHIO PAC, premier voice of small business!  Sarah started her first business when 11 years old and continues to see first hand how over regulation and excessive taxation squash growth.

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