It’s A Matter of Life

“It’s Matter Of Life…”

Written by: “Anonymous One”

Within days, we will be faced with decisions at the ballot box that will determine whether our choices are true to the faith we profess to believe.

Will we “walk the walk” or compromise our principles and merely “talk the talk”?  

As Christians, one of the implications of our beliefs is that it matters how we treat people in the here and now, and a respect for the dignity of each human being is at the core of our beliefs about abortion and other life issues. Whether the individual in question is a pre-born child, a senior at the end of life, a convicted killer, or a person with disabilities, how we treat each person reflects our own humanity.  There can be no compromise with the standard Jesus set.

When faced with “naysayers” who were vociferous in their disagreement with the Truths of His teachings, Jesus set the bar high as to how we should respond. 

Jesus called them out. He declared that He “has not come to bring peace but a sword.” (Matthew 10:34) He names and blames them. “You are planning to murder me … because you are children of the devil who was a murderer from the beginning.” (John 8:44) In doing so, Jesus is echoing John the Baptist, who greeted the Pharisees with some name-calling that sounds rather divisive, isolating, and condemnatory. “You brood of vipers! Who warned you to flee the wrath to come?” (Matthew 3:7)

Jesus and John the Baptist spoke within the great tradition of the Jewish prophets, who also spoke out fearlessly. We’ve always had courageous men and women who stood up and spoke out and were prepared to face the consequences.

Does this last sentence describe what you are willing to do?


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