Catholic Priest Speaks Out On Joe Biden and the Party of Death

[LFC Comments: Thanks to Concord Bob for sending us this video.
Catholics and other Christians may want to listen to this speech by a priest from Maryland. He gives 5 reasons why Catholics should not support the Biden / Harris presidential ticket. He also calls out the Catholic Bishops for not speaking out against the reasons for the moral decay in our society.

LFC’s position is: When you destroy the family, babies and morality a society will collapse. As the priest says, we are standing at the abyss – do we jump, or do we step back for now.]

Excerpts from video:

Fr. Edward Meeks of Christ the King church in Townson Maryland informs his parishioners about the non-negotiable issues and how Joe Biden violates those issues.

Non-negotiable issues: [at the 8:01 mark of the video]

  1. Sanctity of life – against abortion
  2. Sanctity of marriage – only between one man and one woman
  3. Preservation of religious liberty

Catholic Joe Biden’s position on the non-negotiable issues of the Catholic Church:

[at the 11:11 mark of the video]

  1. Opposes the sanctity of life – Pro-abortion – before and after birth.
  2. Opposes the sanctity of marriage – supports gay marriage.
  3. He is a danger to religious liberty.
  4. He will open the door to America becoming a socialist country – supporter of Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris is extreme leftist. Socialism leads to totalitarian state and the destruction of the Catholic Church.
  5. As a high profile Catholic, his positions serve to undermine nominal Catholics. He is not a devout Catholic.


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