League of Women Voters…Shriver versus Galloway Debate

If you have not voted yet in Lake County, you may want to review this video. Current Auditor Mr. Chris Galloway debates Mr. Joe Shriver.

For your review, here is a slideshow of the political flyer that Mr. Galloway has sent out to the Lake County residents.

Politics is such a “dirty business”, excuse me while I go take a shower.

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2 replies

  1. Garbage Galloway.


  2. I just went to the Ohio checkbook and looked up Concord Twp. ~ Not only is it not very user friendly or informative it only goes through the year 2018. The Lake County info is slightly better, but not much. Galloway said “you can see every single dollar that Lake County spends, where it’s going and how it’s being spent” If it does, I don’t see it. There are dollar amounts and they do link to individuals or departments if you filter it that way but it sure doesn’t tell you what that money was for. It just gives lump-sum amounts, date, department, and employee name. That doesn’t tell me anything. Seems odd that we can get a daily Covid case count to try to terrify us into our homes but we can’t get last week’s receipts.

    No political experience sounds like exactly what we need!!


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