Chris Galloway…jumps the shark…

LFC Comments: We received some very interesting political flyers in the mail recently. However, none more interesting than the two received in one day the from Lake County Auditor, Mr. Chris Galloway, That had to be a fairly expensive investment. It appears that Galloway’s opponent was “over the target” with his last flyer revealing Mr. Galloway’s own words and pictures.

So what are the messages in this flyer?
1. Chris Galloway HATES President Trump. [A fatal flaw in 2020]
2. Chris Galloway is a NEVER TRUMPER. [A fatal flaw in 2020]
3. Chris Galloway made a very questionable decision to have a picture taken of himself outdoors in a rusty, nasty looking bathtub. [ok, maybe we all would like to have a “do over” on some not so flattering pictures]
4. Chris Galloway made a very questionable decision to not remove the bathtub picture from his Facebook page when he decided to run for public office.
5. As a paid political consultant, Chris Galloway, should have known better that all is fair in love, war and the political arena.

So what were Mr. Galloway’s pithy responses to these charges by his opponent?

Galloway was so hell-bent in making sure that his audience saw the typo in his opponent’s flyer that he showed the bathtub picture again! No doubt his opponent is saying “thank-you”. He really “jumped the shark on this one!

He then proceeds to make accusations without any proof whatsoever that his opponent wants to be like ACO and Bernie Sanders, and make the Auditor’s office a Democratic swamp like convicted felons, Dimora and Russo. However, unlike the proof provided by his opponent that Galloway is a NEVER TRUMPER, Galloway just spews accusations.

So the first flyer is trying to smear his opponent, what is his message in the second flyer?

Duh, well now we know that Galloway is a conservative because he says he is. Glad we have that cleared up. Wait a minute….

Should we forget about his support of a “continuous” property tax levy while he was a Concord Township trustee? With a continuous levy the tax is forever, and the taxpayers cannot hold the Trustees accountable for their spending.

How about the fact that a Galloway led JEDD Board purposefully shut out people with disabilities from participating in a public meeting? Is it being conservative when one attends a Democrat fund-raiser and sign in under the factitious name, “Bob Dere”?

Does a conservative Republican, who requested and received his party’s endorsement, stab his party in the back by campaigning with a Democrat for Concord Township Trustee?

What Galloway failed to even address are his documented statements about him hating President Trump, being a NEVER TRUMPER and supporting liberals John Kasich and Mitt Romney. A thumbs up picture with him standing next to Trump, or even a Trump cut-out, would have been better than nothing. However, Galloway could not even bring himself to do that.

Please take a look at our slide show of our “conservative” Auditor, Mr. Chris Galloway.

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2 replies

  1. After the Auditors garbage mailer I am going to vote for the Democrat. The garbage was very childish and I haven’t seen the Auditor post anything positive or even a word of support for our President.


  2. How much money has Mr. Galloway wasted trying to defend himself from his own stupidity? He clearly only SAYS he supports our President now because he was caught for being the ARROGANT traitor he is. Just say no! Vote for Joe!


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