Excess Real Estate Taxes…never returned to the taxpayers

LFC Comments: Why do our State legislators never consider returning excess property taxes to the taxpayers that paid them in the first place?

We have been wondering how our local communities and schools have been financially impacted by the pandemic. To that end, we are researching how the Lake County government and the State of Ohio have helped the various political sub-divisions in Lake County.

Mr. Chris Galloway, Lake County Auditor, mentioned in a News-Herald article dated March 26, 2020 that $811,302.68 in excess property tax funds held by the Auditor’s office were to be returned to the various political sub-divisions.


Excerpts from the article:

“According to the office, the money from the Real Estate Assessment Fund is generated annually from a small percentage of the county’s total real estate tax collections. It is specifically designated by state law to be used by the auditor for mapping, real estate valuation and appraisal functions.”

“The return of funds is prorated to each community, school district and taxing entity on the basis of their proportional Real Estate Assessment percentage of annual property taxes collected over the past eight years.”


Additional information from the Auditor’s office: “After every 6 year reappraisal, funds left in the Real Estate Assessment Fund and not appropriated for, is disbursed back to the entities that paid into the fund.” .

A records request sent to the Auditor’s office yielded the following information:

Stay tuned for more information on the State of Ohio’s Cares Act funding and spending.


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