CoVid-19 Ohio Death Statistics

Written by Chuck Laughlin, Concord resident

October 30, 2020

This information in the table below is based upon Ohio CV statistics from 7/4/20 (the last time that there was a death recorded in the 0-19 age bracket either from or with CV) through yesterday.

It would seem that there is a reason other than the mortality rates that are driving shutdowns and children not being allowed to attend school in person.


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  1. None other than the concern those 0-19 year olds who are going to daycares and schools come home to moms and dads and grannies and gram pies who make up the rest of the deaths.


    • Don’t forget the following…after a quick google search, Ohio’s student to teacher ratio is 18:1. Another quick google search shows there are over 1.7 million k-12 students. That means there are nearly 100,000 adult teachers in schools. There are also custodians, teachers aides, secretaries, etc. Interesting


  2. Hi Chuck,If you have not done so already, please study the  seven data indicators for Ohio’s four Emergency Levels.  COVID-19 deaths are not included.  You might want to ask why.   Also, I.C.U. and hospitalization utilization rates are region based and not Lake County alone.  Why should utilization beyond Lake County put Lake County at risk in the Emergency Level scheme?  Don’t these aspects of the scheme raise questions about the usefulness of it? As you might know, it was approximately a couple of months ago that the Lake County General Health District stated that if Lake County goes Red, the Health District will recommend that schools in the county provide education 100% on line.  This is no longer the policy.  You might want to consider asking the Health District why they changed their policy.  Does the Ohio Department of Health still believe Red should lead to schools closing on-campus education?Tim O’KeeffeSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  3. if you haven’t learned anything from NEW YORK, remember to isolate grannies and grandpa’s! Much easier to isolate a few of higher risk levels than to isolate everyone. I just can’t imagine a country so scared of what ifs that they hide under their bed, but yet let rioters rule the streets. These rioters are more of a problem and should be eliminated by the police to avoid the spread of Covid and keep the rule of law! That would be the humanitarian thing to do? Just remember you put them their with your votes! This is your world, and I’m just passing through.


  4. That would violate the 1st and 4th amendments.


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