DeWine…doubling down on his mask mandate…do not try to resist!

LFC Comments: Governor Mikey DeWine is really pushing back on the covid-19 virus.

He has formed his version of the Stasi police:

“…agents from the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will head up a new Retail Compliance Unit to inspect stores to ensure they are abiding by the mandate. Stores will receive a written warning for their first violation, while they could be closed for 24 hours for their second violation.”

There is no word on what will happen to those citizens that do not wear masks, or the parents that do not have masks on their children. Do not be surprised if neighbors will be paid to “snitch” on other neighbors for not wearing a mask. That is how tyranny evolves.

We have been told by sources that local Northeast Ohio hospitals are having staffing issues because out of state hospitals are paying a premium wages for hospital workers, and not because they are overrun by Covid-19 patients.

Here is Tom Z’s article about RINO Mikey DeWine’s actions.


Questions Mike DeWine Can’t Answer:

  1. If “We know Masks Work”, and we have been wearing masks for 10 MONTHS, and you have even said that 90% of Ohioans were wearing masks, why are the cases still going up Governor?
  2. Can you and your “medical team” produce ONE, just ONE, peer reviewed clinical study that shows masks do work to prevent the Spread of Covid? Please provide it at your next Fake-reality TV show!
  3. If this is such a “dangerous and deadly” virus, how come the deaths are flat when your claimed number of “cases” are rising and why do your NEVER tell the people of Ohio the chance of death is less than 1% and that 80% of your “cases” literally have zero symptoms and are not even contagious?
  4. If you are so concerned about preventing the spread of the virus why do you and your “medical experts” have never once told Ohioans to take Vitamin D-3 and Zinc for which there are studies that show they help prevent people from getting Covid?
  5. Why, when you know every courts has ruled that you have violated the law by not providing due process and randomly treating business differently based on no scientific data, do you continue to break the law with your illegal orders?
  6. Why would you lie to the people of Ohio yesterday when you said that medical workers have been working non-stop fighting Covid and are “Exhausted” when half of medical workers were laid off during the first three months of the crisis, and by your own statistics, the number of ICU and hospital admission drop to minimal level in August and September and these “Heroes” were not working 24/7 non-stop?
  7. Why would you tell Ohioans that they “have a week to bring down the case counts” our you are going to be “forced” by your own delusions to start shutting down businesses when you know that the virus has a 14 day incubation period? You know that Ohioans have ZERO chance of changing the case count in a week so why did you lie to them yesterday?
  8. Why do you continue to treat Covid patients and Covid deaths as if they are more important than other people in our society who get sick and die from much deadlier diseases than Covid – especially when so many more of say our elderly die from Cancer or Heart Disease than die from Covid?
  9. When 325 people die everyday in Ohio for all reasons, why must YOU financially ruin the lives of school children, our senior parents, our blue collar workers, and our small business owners because 5% of them die from Covid – 90% of those are people over age 75 who actually die from co-morbidities that will take their live soon any way? How is that sound public, health or economic policy?
  10. Why, in over 10 months, have you not produced the data many have requested about the deaths cause BY YOUR POLICIES showing suicide deaths, drug overdose increase, alcohol related deaths, deaths and injuries cause by spousal and child abuse and lay them against your Covid statistics? Where is YOUR transparency and accountability for your actions Governor?
  11. Why, have you not shown Ohioans a comparison between regular flu cases and deaths, and more importantly the number of Swine Flu case and deaths in 2009-10 in Ohio, compared to Covid, when no large scale businesses or schools shutdowns were ever ordered so that citizens could compare the risk of Covid to their own past experience? You and the fake media cause panic over the claim that 10,000,000 Americans now have “cases” of Covid when 63,000,000 Americans had the Swine Flu in 2009-10 and nearly as many Americans died and the Obama/Biden Administration did not close anything!
  12. Why do you continue to blame Ohioans, and particularly blue collar workers and small businesses, for your ignorant and non-scientific mask and other policies not working (by your own admission yesterday things are worse than ever!) when they are already doing everything you ask them to do? Hears a good answer: It’s not their fault Governor its YOURS!


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