We Support Sidney Powell

We the People Convention Supports Efforts of Sidney Powell to Expose Voting Machine Election Fraud

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, said “We give our complete and unconditional support to Attorney Sidney Powell in her efforts to expose the massive, coordinated, systemic, voter fraud that has been conducted through the illegal manipulation of voting software and voting machines used in U.S. elections by both political parties for years.

We in the TEA Party movement have been well aware of the over-whelming evidence of voting machine/software fraud for years, which has been ignored and covered up by local, state and federal law enforcement for political reasons. We are ecstatic that someone as prestigious, qualified, and courageous as Sidney Powell is finally acting on our behalf at perhaps the most critical time in American history.

We are confident that she will expose and bring to justice the criminals both within and outside of our government who are responsible for this most egregious assault upon our Constitution and the American people. The facts will prove that Donald J. Trump won this election in a land slide.

We the People will not settle for anything less than having every legal vote counted and every illegal vote invalidated. Every fraudulent illegal vote takes away a legal vote cast by an American citizen and the courts must not allow this most sacred right of all Americans to be infringed by anyone, by any means, for any reason. We the People will not allow it!”


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