Voter Fraud for the non-believers…

[LFC Comments: Thanks to our Geauga lobbyist for this article. For those that do not believe, or more correctly said, do NOT want to believe that there was massive voter fraud, there will be some unpleasant truths spoken that may kick off your cognitive dissonance.]


This is a super video about how the 2020 presidential election was dominion-ized. If I were Sidney Powell, I would watch this video about 5 times so I totally understand everything in this video, and then interview Chanel Rion, the narrator, Watkins the computer geek, and Joe Oltmann, the person who exposes Eric Kumer, a Dominion VIP with ties to Antifa and who hates Trump.

How in the world did our government leaders OK the use of Dominion software and why the hell wasn’t the FBI investigating Dominion the past 15 years? This last question makes it seem like the FBI has been part of the leftist plot to overthrow our country.

If Trump wins the re-election, I hope he does some major housecleaning in the CIA, the FBI, and possibly in the DOJ and then takes down Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

When you watch the video take note of the two disclaimers from google with the SHOW ME box and LEARN MORE link under the video.

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  1. Unbelievably sad how we the people must be punished and accept a president in which we the people did not vote into office. And our country will
    Go downhill with the new regime looking to take the office Very sad indeed. May God help us and hear our prayers

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