RINOs (Globalists) Need To Move to the Democrat Party

Written by: Watchman on the Wall
November 29, 2020
Thanks to Linda Goudsmit for sending us the article.

Look for a Statewide campaign to “Dump DeWine”. As the saying goes, with friends like DeWine who needs enemies?

Notice to Lake County Commissioners (Young, Cirino, Hamercheck, and Wuliger): Will you defend your constituents and support the “Dump DeWine” campaign, or are you too intimidated by the Republican hierarchy? Grow a spine!!

Never mind that you are doing “behind the scenes” work, we DEMAND that you step up and support our President and the businesses of Lake County.

The people of Lake County are watching – very, very closely.

Here’s a List of Republicans Who Have Turned Their Backs on Trump, Calling for Him to Concede

by The Red Elephant 11.23.2020

Many republicans that hold office today, were elected solely because of the support from President Donald Trump.  Now that they hold office, many of them have completely turned their backs on the President, even going so far as to publicly call for him to concede the election to Joe Biden before any audit can occur.

Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia for example owes his entire election victory to President Trump. Since November 4th, Kemp has done little to help the President in his fight to overturn an election that most republicans, and a plurality of Americans agree was stolen.

Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio, who Trump brought up on stage during his rallies on several occasions, is another Turncoat according to Trump’s supporters. Recently DeWine urged President Trump to allow a peaceful Transfer of power to Joe Biden.

Outside of Kemp and DeWine, there are countless others who refuse to support Trump in his challenging of the election, and the list has been growing over the past several days.

Here’s a list of elected republicans who either have directly called for Trump to concede, called for a peaceful transfer of power and for Biden to receive intel briefings, or outright attempting sabotage any real audits of every single signature and vote.

Most of Trump’s supporters have vowed that they will never vote for republicans again, unless there is an audit of every single vote in every single swing state.

Mitt Romney – UT

Marco Rubio – FL

Mike Shirkey – MI

Mike DeWine – OH

Brian Kemp – GA

Brad Raffensperger – GA

Pat Toomey – PA

Liz Cheney – WY

Doug Ducey – AZ

Larry Hogan – MD

Fred Upton – MI

John Cornyn – TX

James Lankford – OK

Lisa Murkowski – AK

Ben Sasse – NE

Susan Collins – ME

Jim Durkin – IL

Dan Young – AK

Francis Rooney – FL

John Shimkus – IL

Adam Kinzinger – IL

Paul Mitchell – MI

Don Bacon – NE

Tom Reed – NY

Will Hurd – TX

John Kurtis – UT

Denver Riggleman – VA


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