Are Lake County Trump Supporters At Risk of Revenge from the Left?…part 3

This is a continuing series of articles on the rights of the average Lake County citizen to be allowed to have their home address redacted on the Lake County Board of Election voter rolls. You can find part 1 and part 2 under the label “Voter Address Issue” on our home page.

You may be wondering why is this such an important issue. This is Lake County and nothing bad happens in Lake County…or so we are told.

Allow us to present Exhibit 1 below…a Facebook posting by a Painesville resident, Rachel Rodriguez. As one of 73,278 Lake County citizens that voted for President Trump, we take this as a serious threat issued by Ms. Rodriguez and the many people that “liked” or “loved” her Facebook post.

Please note that a supporter of Ms. Rodriguez is Ms. Marsita Ferguson, Founding Member of the Painesville chapter of the Marxist group called Black Lives Matter.—-lake-county-holds-peaceful-protest-in-painesville/article_4cb5e14c-d469-11ea-925f-eb5d2c658902.html

We will be contacting the Lake County Sheriffs Department and the Painesville Police Department and filing a complaint against Ms. Rodriguez and Ms. Ferguson for stoking the flames of violence with their hate speech against a significant group of Lake County residents.

Stay tuned, we will continue to keep our readers informed about how our Sheriff’s Department and the Painesville Police Department will or will not protect us. THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER, AND WE DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY!


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  2. Thank you for filing complaints with law enforcement. Please provide updates as they are available.

  3. Maybe a 1st Amendment Free Speech demonstration on the public sidewalk in front of her house might be in order.
    And if that doesn’t cool the hatred perhaps a 2nd Amendment open carry demonstration would.
    It is unwise to threaten people who are NOT law breakers but are the hard working, tax paying backbone of our civilization who are very peaceful neighbors-unless some fascist socialist commie decides to cross the line of civility and legality directly in our faces. Bad move.


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