To Wear a Mask or Not?…that is the question


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Please read this and pass it on.  This mask study was written by a group of Doctors in Ohio and other States who summarize the current research on the efficacy of wearing masks to “protect” us from any virus. 
It is impossible to believe that State health departments do not know this data exists? 

Read the last summary where it states that wearing masks are harming people because they breathe in more virus than those that breath fresh air.   

Are the masks meant to cause more cases and more hospitalizations?  Think about who benefits from this costly fraud.

All State Health Departments should be fired. All Governors forcing masks on us should resign. 


Excerpts from the mask study:

Should I Wear a Face Mask?

While this is not in a scientific journal, it is written by an environmental, health and safety manager, responsible for respiratory protection. The writer has degrees in
engineering/materials science, and pharmacology and toxicology.

First, cloth face masks show only marginal filtration performance against virus-size particles when sealed around the edge. Face seal leakage will further decrease the respiratory protection offered by fabric materials. Thus, cloth masks are not recommended.

Second, surgical masks also do not form a seal, which allows for air leakage and thus respiratory droplets. Third, N95 do not provide complete protection against small virions. In addition, training is required for effective PPE use. Frequently touching ones face to adjust an ill-fitting or uncomfortable mask increases the risk of viral exposure. In summary, the general public should not be wearing face mask to lessen viral transmission because of the potential drawbacks.

COMMENTARY: Masks-for-all for COVID-19 not based on sound data.

Masks may give people a false sense of security. The general public who do not have symptoms of COVID-19-like illness should not routinely wear cloth or surgical face masks.

There is no scientific evidence that face masks are effective in reducing the risk of SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Cloth masks exhibit very low filter efficiency. Even masks that fit well against the face will not prevent inhalation of small particles by the wearer or emission of small particles from the wearer. Cloth masks offer no protection for healthcare workers inhaling infectious particles near an infected or confirmed patient.


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  1. My wife, who worked as a Spanish language interpreter for medical clinics, suffered severe dental problems caused by the compulsory wearing of masks. The lack of free breathing lead to an yeast infection in her mouth that, in turn, caused damage to her gums requiring surgery to correct. She quit interpreting.

    My wife is the most proficient of the Spanish language interpreters, the first choice of the medical providers. She was often called to correct errors that resulted from the use of less proficient interpreters. Those corrections will no longer occur. The affected patients will now pay a terrible price, all for the greater glory of Mike DeWine’s Health State.

    It is far better to breathe as God intends than as the Tyrant DeWine intends.

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