Something Wicked This Way Comes…Can you handle the truth?

Thanks to Linda Goudsmit for her help getting the truth out to citizens.

Commentary on the Canadian Free Press Article by Linda Goudsmit:

Brilliant summary and analysis. The leftist 21st century cancel culture Culture War on America parallels Mao’s 20th century Chinese Cultural Revolution. Americans who voted for Biden/Harris had better take a good look at communist China, and decide if this is the social justice and income equality that they had in mind. The inscrutable Chinese are not so inscrutable – they are masters at exploiting Western greed in politics and business. China’s stated goal is to dominate the world by the 100th anniversary of the communist revolution – Beijing Joe is the primary conduit. There can be no planetary governance without first destroying American sovereignty. So, today western globalists have common cause with communist China to destroy America-first President Donald Trump, including colluding with the Chinese to steal the 2020 election. Tomorrow the temporary alliance will collapse and they will battle each other for primacy.


Something Wicked This Way Comes

By Ray DiLorenzo —— Bio and ArchivesDecember 12, 2020

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Any thinking person can detect that forces are pushing us into a period of dangerous change. There is something nefarious in the air. Sometimes, reality that is foreign to anyone’s experience is hard to grasp. And so, we have millions of people confused as to what is actually happening.

In spite of stealing an election, the Left will have us believe they won the political and cultural war and now are in the process of removing the bodies in Washington, poised to take over. They are continuing to take down the symbols, the culture, the habits, much like Mao destroyed the Four Old Things, with 2 million dead, during his Cultural Revolution of 1966-1976… Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas. 

The Left says our culture is filled with reminders and symbols of national sins, slavery and oppression. And yet, they are working toward developing their own slavery, and oppression, using their own brand of tyranny. 

The Left has entered into an alliance with the Globalists and the Chinese Communist Party.

The Left has entered into an alliance with the Globalists and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Russia has been swept aside as a communist failure. 

The CCP is not successful because they are innovative, commercially or technically. Their achievements prevail because they are thieves. Their technology is our technology. The Chinese communists have purchased their way into our country by too many of us willing to sell. The Chinese are everywhere, Big Tech, the media, our corporations, education, and in the offices and beds of our politicians. And, they are in Canada. They have paid for and developed close relationships in the upper echelons of both our governments, including the Biden crime family. The CCP is setting up cells at universities all across America. The CCP has latched on to our freedom, not to copy it, but to use it to destroy us. 

COVID was manufactured in China, the origin for so many novel diseases, as a last resort to remove Trump, as a cover and a dessert after the main meal, the United States. It is not a real pandemic. After watching scores of medical doctor’s testimonies, one can only conclude there is no real medical emergency. The World Health Organization, a highly political body, reports death rates all over the map. If you press them, they say that about 750 million people world-wide have been infected with COVID-19 with 1.04 million deaths. If you do the math the infection fatality rate is 0.1386%, similar to the 2018 seasonal flu with a rate of 0.1355%. The Spanish Flu, which killed some 50 – 100 million people had a world mortality rate of between 2.7% and 5.4% (PJ Media, Our World in Data).

Every death is a tragedy, but If you are vulnerable to COVID, by all means protect yourself. Do not expect the world to stop, putting millions at risk for bankruptcy and ruin. 

COVID-19 is a political tool being used by globalists, the CCP and the Democrat Party to move the world into a totalitarian socialist government system. If they have their way, the world you once knew will never be coming back. The lockdowns and the scare tactics are not about your health.

This ‘pandemic’ has birthed millions of fraud-ridden mail-in ballots.

This ‘pandemic’ has birthed millions of fraud-ridden mail-in ballots, as a planned by-product of COVID, concentrated in battleground states, to poison our election process. It has fabricated a failed economy. Millions of Americans are desperate for aid and they will soon look to anyone who can help. 

While many Republicans remain strangely, but not surprisingly, quiet, Democrats go about their business finalizing their plans for the takeover, completing the coup. The Democrats are busy, intent on representing every race, color, sexual and gender preference in their choices of more swamp creatures for the proposed Biden cabinet. The experienced or religious need not apply, except if you’re Muslim. But, Joe Biden will be nothing more than a footnote, a useful idiot in the Left’s struggle to turn America into a socialist nation.

In the meantime, no one seems to be caring about or tracking the carnage of small businesses, or the demise of the middle class for that matter. These businesses are closing by the tens of thousands. 40% of restaurants will be permanently closed by March, almost 40% of heart attack patients go untreated because of the pre-occupation with COVID. 

Fear not, the Left is here with all the answers, a new ‘Democratic’ Socialist society that will ‘wash’ our culture of old ideas like capitalism, and Judeo-Christianity. They will bring us new old ideas like socialism, total equality regardless of personal industry, and political correctness, complete with censorship and tyranny. Say or write the wrong thing, get fired or censored, all for the common good. It is happening now. 

Our culture has changed drastically in 50+ years of constant Progressive bombardment. Nabisco is selling their Ritz Crackers with two gay men wearing lipstick. Large corporations care nothing of morality, only money.

This is no time to be faint of heart, to shrink into the background. It’s a time to find your courage, to protect what you hold dear.

The Left, with their affinity for China, is pushing us into a Chinese-style Cultural Revolution. Schools everywhere are being renamed, statues destroyed, removing the symbols, the names associated with ‘oppression’…people like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison. The Judeo-Christian culture is under full assault. Churches are being closed or attendance severely restricted. Gatherings, especially of potential patriotic ‘trouble-makers’ are being outlawed while Left-wing rioters are hands off. All because Democrats are concerned for our health. 

If our Supreme Court should fail in their duty to preserve and protect our Constitution, all confidence in the law of the land will be lost by at least half of the nation. That will be the last peaceful attempt at safeguarding our country from a hostile takeover. As a result, a movement toward secession or even civil war could take shape. 

This is no time to be faint of heart, to shrink into the background. It’s a time to find your courage, to protect what you hold dear. We will either have a political solution where the law and the Constitution is upheld, or we will have a military solution where bodies of the dead will pile up in the streets. Which will it be?


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