Which Covid-19 Vaccines Used Aborted Baby Cells in Testing or Production?


Here’s Which COVID Vaccines Are Produced, Tested Using Aborted Baby Cells, According To A Pro-Life Institute


  • The pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute has released information on which coronavirus vaccines are made using cells obtained from aborted babies.
  • The institute’s analysis found that most of the vaccine candidates did not use cell lines derived from abortions in their production, though several used abortion-derived cell lines in laboratory testing.
  • CLI Vice President Dr. David Prentice explained that when abortion-derived cell lines are used in the production of a vaccine, that means the cells are “directly involved in making the final product,” while laboratory testing using abortion-derived cell lines is “anther step removed.”

CLI evaluated vaccines produced by Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, Sanofi/GSK, Inovio, and Merck. (RELATED: Here Are The Lawmakers Who Refused To Stay Home After Telling You To)

Both AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson use abortion-derived cell lines in development, production, and lab testing, the analysis found.

Pfizer/BioNTech, Moderna, Novavax, and Inovio use abortion-derived cells in some tests but do not use abortion-derived cells in other tests, the analysis found. These four do not use abortion-derived cell lines in development or production of the vaccine, the analysis found.

The analysis could not determine whether Sanofi/GSK and Merck used the abortion-derived cell lines in lab testing, but noted that  Sanofi/GSK and Merck do not use abortion-derived cell lines in development or production of the vaccine.


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