Reaction from Covid-19 Vaccine…nothing to see here…

Now this may not happen to you after you get the Covid-19 vaccine…it might be worse

Thanks to a Willoughby Hills lobbyist for this link. YouTube censored the video. See Twitter link below.

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  1. This is super informative! I’m glad I found your post as it’s better than similar blogs I’ve read from most other bloggers on this subject. May I ask you to elaborate? Perhaps give an additional example? many thanks!

  2. It is going to be difficult reaching the younger generations because of the indoctrination of the public schools. However, we must continue to try.

  3. My son keeps arguing with me over this stupid “vaccine”. He can’t see the risk! TOTALLY BRAINWASHED by the MSM and his “FRIENDS” online. JUST BECAUSE THEY TELL YOU ITS FJNE, DOESNT MEAN YOU SHOULD MARCH THE WAY THEY SAY!

    I feel so bad for this poor girl!

  4. I found it on Twitter…check it again…

  5. YouTube removed this video!!!!

  6. The young healthy lady nurse was used as a show piece as propaganda as to how safe the Covid vaccine was. After its administration she stood before the group in a live news PR stunt. She said she was feeling faint then collapsed live on camera. Quite the opposite of what was hopeed for by event planners.

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