The Battle Between Good and Evil…understand what has happened

LFC Comments by: T.. Paine

Watch this video and learn what was done to our election process, who did what, and why did they do it. Joe Biden cannot be President of the United States. This is not about re-electing Donald Trump. This is all about saving our Republic.

China has played on the age old human sin – GREED!

President Trump needs to enact his Executive Order 13848 because of the foreign interference in our election by the Communist Chinese Party. There are traitors in high places in our government that need to be held accountable. Martial law may be declared because of the corruption throughout our government. We cannot police ourselves because the court system is also corrupt.

China and CCP have infiltrated our federal government and have friends in high places.
Great investigative reporting done by Epoch Times reporter…The Wuhan virus was a bio-weapon meant to crash the U.S. and world economy.

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