Chief Wahoo…gone…Indians gone …we cannot offend anyone…ever

LFC Comments by: “Former Sports Fan”:

We see the latest example of Orwell’s Ministry of Truth sliding history down a memory hole. We are deliberately changing, or altering embarrassing history to satisfy the propaganda of the communists, their fellow travelers, and useful idiots. The Cleveland Indian’s team owner certainly has the right to call his team any name he wants
. However, we would like to know if we can get a refund on all the Chief Wahoo and Indian’s promotional items that we have bought over the years. We still have a Chief Wahoo sweatshirt, only worn once to a tailgate party, that we would like to return for credit.

We are suggesting that all teams, regardless of the particular sport, be given numbers so that no one can ever be offended by a name, or a logo. Sorry, but those few with “rithmophobia” or “numerophobia” (fear of numbers) are just going to have to suck it up, and “take one for the team”.

It would not be surprising if the federal government created a separate agency to control “Team Naming Rights”. It will be stocked with the required college educated malcontents promoting diversity, inclusivity, wokeness, and illegal immigrants. Being able to count to 100 will be helpful, but not mandatory, and safe spaces for those triggered by adversity will be provided.

With help from the Demonic Democrats, their mission will be to create a list of approved numbers that can be used. For the record, we will not support the number 666 for any team. That has already been reserved for the communists in the Democrat Party. For the Republicans, we will assign “000” to them for obvious reasons.

We thank our Brecksville lobbyist for this article.


To the Indians…We Bid You Farewell

Written by: Brecksville Lobbyist

Cleveland baseball owners already banned Chief Wahoo.
You know the saying “Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile.”
Now the name Cleveland “Indians” is to be in the dustbin of history.
Little do the ignorant woke virtue signalling crowd know of history.
Read on as to the influence of Louis Francis Sockalexis…


Additional comments by: “Former Sports Fan”:
A tip of the hat to Paul Petrick for this great article:

Paul Petrick: Name change would dishonor the original Cleveland Indian

PAUL PETRICK | Sunday, July 19, 2020 7:00 p.m.

Excerpts from the article:

“Now Chief Wahoo is just another Indian killed off by the White Man, his death having made few happy.”

“It would be a shame if the Indians’ team name met the same fate. The Cleveland Indians have an obligation to prevent this as their entire franchise is dedicated to one particular Indian, Louis Sockalexis.”

“Sockalexis, the product of a Penobscot reservation, was a multisport athlete at Holy Cross College before becoming the first acknowledged American Indian to play major league baseball. This occurred in 1897, a half century before Jackie Robinson ended the pro sport’s collusive ban on Black ballplayers.”

“Enduring the same racial taunts and abuse as Robinson, Sockalexis was a sensation, dazzling fans with his hitting, running and throwing. So indelible was the impression he made, his team (the Cleveland Spiders, a National League predecessor to Cleveland’s current American League franchise) became informally referred to as the Indians by players and fans alike in honor of baseball’s original aboriginal.”

“Sockalexis’ career and ultimately his life were sadly cut short by alcoholism, but as they say in the movie “The Sandlot,” “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” The legend of Louis Sockalexis survived the man and in 1915, when the Cleveland Naps needed a new name after their namesake (second baseman Napoleon Lajoie) was sold, they were officially renamed the Indians.”


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  1. Ludacris that the team of my youth would do such a cowerdly move!! Embrace your past and culture Cleveland!! Don’t let the Chief die!! First they took my Miami Redmen away, then my Redskins, and I will die on this hill to keep them from taking my wahoo away!!! This is our country and no one is going to take it away!!!

  2. The “racial taunts and abuse” Sockalexis endured and the racist stereotyping of violence, savagery, and primitivism that the media and fans loved to use were a large part of the “sensation” that the media was recalling when they renamed the A.L. franchise in 1915.

    “In place of the Naps, we’ll have the Indians, on the warpath all the time, and eager for scalps to dangle at their belts” – Cleveland Leader, Jan 17, 1915

  3. The team should just be disbanded for having been such a blight on political correctness for so many years. Its name should be stricken from history. It is only by do so that the radical left will move on to their next target.

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