Killing Babies is a VERY Lucrative Business

LFC Comments by: “A Watchman on the Wall”

The Democrat Party is the the party of Death, Dismemberment, Deception, Dis-Unity and Demonic possession.

We do not concede that corrupt China Joe Biden and the Communist Kamala Harris will be sworn in as President and Vice-President. However, here is an article that illustrates quite clearly how “quid pro quo” works in our corrupt political system.

The evil Planned Parenthood spent $45 million trying to get Demonic Democrats elected, and they are expecting a return on that investment. The secular/humanists are in love with this spawn of Satan, and, unfortunately, so are some “Christians”.

Have you ever wondered how you will fare when your name is read in the “Book of Life”? If women have the total right to determines what happens to their body, does that also apply to taking the Covid-19 vaccine?


The President in Planned Parenthood’s Pocket


December 16, 2020 4:04 PM

Excerpts from the article:

“Newsweek reports that executives from Planned Parenthood are expecting to see the incoming presidential administration immediately enact all of the abortion organization’s policy preferences.”

“And why shouldn’t they? Planned Parenthood Action, the group’s political-action arm, shelled out $45 million in support of Democratic candidates this election cycle, topping its previous records for campaign spending. Receiving the seal of approval from abortion providers and activist groups such as Planned Parenthood is now an essential step in running for office as a Democrat. Woe betide the Democrat who eschews abortion on demand and finds himself tagged with the dreaded label “anti-choice.”

“Though the abortion giant still receives close to half a billion dollars annually from the federal government, the Trump administration managed to remove all abortion providers from the Title X family planning program, costing Planned Parenthood about $40 million. That decision is almost sure to be reversed under the incoming administration, as is President Trump’s expansion of the Mexico City policy, which ensures that taxpayer money doesn’t fund abortion overseas.”


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