Willoughby Hills Union Contract…how sweet it is

LFC Comments: We have been looking at the current union contract signed by the Willoughby Hills Administration, and we have to say “there is gold in them thar Hills”.

The Willoughby Hills employees, at the expense of the taxpayers, have tapped into a very rich vein of pure gold. As the famous comedian, Jackie Gleason, used to say “How sweet it is!”

Here is the entire contract:

A Willoughby Hills taxpayer expressed their view on the new contract:

“The city used CARES Act money to pay the secretaries hazard pay = to 2% of their annual salary! Secretaries getting longevity pay, tenure, virtually unlimited paid time off, cash uniform allowances and guaranteed big raises on top of insanely high salaries. One of these secretaries, the Finance Assistant, Sharen Michney assaulted the former council clerk back in 2017, the responding police officer recommended prosecution, Sharen admitted what she did, and the Mayor and prosecutor covered it up and kept her. Now this contract puts this woman at the top end of her salary range! Not to mention, Gloria Majeski continues to rake it in. This place is a cesspool. It’s sad.”

LFC decided to review the contract and highlight the wages and benefits afforded the Willoughby Hills employees.

Page 10 Article 14 Vacations [Per year]
After 6 months > 1 year 40.0 hours – 1 week
After 1 year 80.0 hours – 2 weeks
After 5 years 120.0 hours – 3 weeks
After 10 years 160.0 hours – 4 weeks
After 15 years 200.0 hours – 5 weeks
After 20 years 240.0 hours – 6 weeks
Part-timers (1,000 hours) 1 week

Page 11 Article 15 Holidays [Per Year]
All full-time employees after one (1) year of service get 13 days off each year.
All part-time employees get the same 13 days, but only paid at 4 hours per day.

Page 11 Article 16 Sick Pay [Per Year]
Each full-time employee gets 4.6 hours of paid sick pay for EVERY 80 hours worked.
Unused paid sick leave shall accumulate to 150 work days or 1200 hours maximum.
Each employee shall be allowed to use 4 sick days per year as personal days.
Part-timers not eligible for sick pay.

Page 14 Article 19 Funeral Leave [Per Year]
Each employee gets 3 days of paid leave for the death of immediate family member and it is not charged against his/her accumulated paid sick leave.
Each employee gets 2 days, or 3 days paid leave for the death of other relatives depending if the death is in or out of Ohio.

Page 15 Article 20 Court Leave [Per Year]
Employee will get difference in pay between the jury duty pay and his/her normal compensation.

Page 15 Article 21 Military Leave
All employees are entitled to military leave as required by Federal and State law.

Page 15 Article 22 Union Leave
An employee on Union leave may utilize accrued benefit time for all hours that such leave has been approved.

Page 16 Article 23 Longevity Compensation
After 3 years of service an employee will receive an annual bonus. A 4 years it starts at $500 and after 23 years it is $2,550.
Any employee currently receiving longevity compensation in excess of this schedule will continue to receive the present dollar amount.

Page 18 Article 25 Wages
Please take a look at the details on this page.
Most highly compensated employee is the Executive/Administrative Assistant with a minimum salary as of January 1, 2021 is $41,734 to a maximum of $72,132.

Hazard Pay Benefit was added on September 24, 2020 at the rate of a minimum of 2% of the employee’s annual salary shall be granted for year one of this contract.

“In addition to the City’s current contribution, the City will pick up 1% of the employee’s contribution to their retirement fund (OPERS) for the duration of the contract beginning with the first payroll following the ratification of this contract.”

Page 19 Article 26 Paid Time Off
Any accrued but unused Personal Time Off (PTO) credited to part-time employees as of December 31, 2019, shall be converted to and treated as Vacation time.

Page 19 Article 27 Health Coverage
Employer pays 88% / Employee pays 13%

Page 21 Article 30 Tenured Employee Status
After 10 years of employment an employee may apply for tenured status. Each tenured employee will receive an additional $1,000 per year in compensation.

Page 22 Article 31 Merit Day
For being a good employee, you are entitled to another day off.

Page 20 Article 28 Uniform Allowance
Depending on the position the employees are entitled to $100 – $1,150 per year to cover their “uniforms”.

Page 20 Article 29 Educational Stipend
Each full-time employee shall be eligible for reimbursement up to $2,000 per year.

Hopefully, we have not missed any benefits. Every Willoughby Hills employee should be thanking the citizens for allowing such a lucrative contract.

Note to Mayor Gardner: If you think that we have forgotten about our records request for the distribution of funds under the CARES Act, you are mistaken.

Truth and Transparency in Government is our mission.


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