Rob Portman….Rino Extraordinaire..

Note to Senator Rob Portman…Ohio’s patriots will NEVER forget or forgive you for turning your back on President Trump…You have officially joined the Demonic Democrats and your soul-mate Sherrod Brown. You can forget about being re-elected.


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  1. He needs to be to be run against in next primary. Also How do you go about on term limits? Frustrated, Pissed off and obviously do not know how to go about doing this! Tired of Dave Joyce also< all mouth no action! Jim Jordan only Ohio representative that is doing his job! Thanks Jim Jordan!

    • We agree…there is a LOT of discussion about creating a new political party. If the Republicans do not support President Trump, we think that they are finished. Unfortunately, that may help the Democrats, but we see them splitting also. We cannot continue with the current state of affairs in the Republican Party.

  2. A MEN. i hope people listen .

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