January 6th…Washington D.C….a day that will not be forgotten

LFC Comments: Here are some articles and videos covering the January 6th events in Washington D.C. The Democrats outplayed President Trump and the Republican Party bailed on him. If Trump has any “aces up his sleeve” he needs to play them now! The tide is shifting against him.


Here is a video of an eyewitness to the event on January 6th.






NOT A TRUMP SUPPORTER…wonder if this guy was raised by wolves




Posted by -NO AUTHOR- | Jan 7, 2021 | PJ Media 

Excerpts from the article:

One of the most pervasive story lines following the Capitol protest that turned violent is that the Capitol Police let in protesters.

Though some still doubt it, it’s beginning to appear that some of the protesters were, in fact, allowed onto the grounds and into the building, which explains why there were those who entered and stayed within the velvet guide ropes, taking selfies, and staying peaceful. And those who were not peaceful.

There are several people who talked to The Washington Examiner’s congressional reporter, Susan Ferrechio, who claimed that police let them into the Capitol Building.

Democrat Congressman Jim Cooper complained to WUSA TV that Capitol Police appeared to be working with the protesters.

“Some people are worried today that some police were complicit with the protesters,” Cooper said. “It’s one thing to be friendly and to de-escalate the violence. But it’s one thing to take selfies with them (rioters) and let them go through the lines.”

Cooper said he did not see these actions by Capitol Police himself, but said he’s “never seen a crowd less afraid of the police than this one.”


Message from a Geauga County patriot:
Why was a specific Congressmen‘s laptop taken and data copied/missing other laptops? MAGA supporters wouldn’t do this. 

I have a strange feeling about all this beyond a staged Antifa false flag event.



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  1. Or the leader of Proud Boys (I personally would’ve selected the name of Proud Men, but that’s just me) of Hawaii. Busted!

  2. The Buffalo guy is Jake Angeli, a know Qanon and Trump supporter.

    So was the US Air Force veteran who was shot and killed.

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