Exposing Scott DiMauro… OEA’s President…Dump DiMauro

Written by: The Lobbyists of OBOL

Please take the time to call the OEA today on this and demand the President’s resignation.  

By jumping on the band wagon, Scott DiMauro is hoping for your capitulation of commonsense. 

Where was this traitor in denouncing the riots over the summer?  

Please take the time to call!  614-228-4526, and tell them to DUMP DiMauro.

They want you too scared to take action.  Show them that you have a voice. 

On Behalf of Liberty


LFC Comments: We did a little research on Scott DiMauro,,,Both sides can play the cancel culture game, and conservatives are not taking it anymore. The gloves are off!

Here is what we found on the OEA website…

We detect a deceiver….

Scott DiMauro, a high school social studies teacher from Worthington, was elected President of the OEA in 2019 after having served as vice president for six years. Over his 28-year career as an educator, Scott has worked to provide students the critical thinking and decision-making skills they need to be successful citizens in our democratic society. He has likewise advocated for students, educators and strong public schools at all levels of his union.

LFC Comments: We will always expose the lies, deceptions and betrayals of elected officials and bureaucrats. DUMP DiMAURO!


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  5. Scott DiMauro is a self-righteous hypocrite. Attended BLM rallies and is also a delegate for the now successful Biden campaign. Calling for the resignation of Kirsten Hill who did absolutely nothing wrong. People like him make me sick!!

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