Open Letter to Congressman Anthony Gonzales

Friday, January 15, 2021

Joint Statement and Open Letter to Congressman Anthony Gonzalez On The Impeachment Vote By The U. S. House of Representatives

United States Congressman Anthony Gonzalez:

We write this letter today to express our deep disappointment in your vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump. 

Our country is suffering from a deep political division.  In order to facilitate a peaceful transition of power and begin the process of uniting our country, we would have hoped you would have followed the example of Congressman David Joyce and the rest of the Ohio Congressional Delegation.

We believe it would have reflected the wishes of the majority of our constituents and would have been in the best interest of our party and our nation.

Joann Campbell Ohio Republican State Central Committeewoman District 22

Lucy Selvaggio-Stickan Ohio Republican State Central Committeewoman District 24

Shannon Burns Ohio Republican State Central Committeeman District 24

Bryan Williams Ohio Republican State Central Committeeman District 27

Debbie Walsh Ohio Republican State Central Committeewoman District 28

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  3. Republican representative jumps ship and votes for Pelosi’s witch hunt. The public is watching. Can the two parties work together to get on with the business of running the country, or do you jump on board with Pelosi and continue to waste time and money that we all know is a sham. Trump never told anyone to attack the White House. When Hilary Clinton lost the election she told her followers to never stop fighting. Now those are vicious words. All Trump said was that if people wanted to demonstrate he would be there to support them. Those are not the words of an insurgent. Pelosi just wants to get even. Think again about how you vote. People will be watching. Pelosi is the worst element of the Democratic Party. Evil, revengeful, greedy, power hungry. Not the type of person who should be calling the shots. She is destroying our country!

  4. Do Christian values include having sex with a pornstar while married?

  5. Congressman Anthony Gonzalez should be ashamed of himself! The majority of his constituents would never have agreed to vote for impeachment!! So, that makes me think Mr. Gonzalez is not doing the job that we voted him in office to do! We pay him a salary to represent the majority of the people who voted for him. It also makes me wonder if Mr. Gonzalez is one of many in our Congress, who get “paid off”, and then follow the evil path that our Congress & Senate are currently on, for their own personal gain! “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil”! Isaiah 5:20. Our Country, The United States of America, was founded on CHRISTIAN VALUES, Under God, which NO ONE is going to take from us!! Mr. Gonzales, you just lost my vote!!

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