Its a Matter of Life

“It’s A Matter Of Life…”

Written by “Anonymous One”

A 12-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy says, “I can’t walk or feed myself but I am not ‘suffering from cerebral palsy’. I use a wheelchair, but I am not ‘confined to a wheelchair’. I have pain but I do not need to be ‘put out of my misery’. “

She is keenly aware that “normal” people can use their erroneous assumptions about the “quality” of her life to justify withholding care for her as an act of “mercy”.

If we permit euthanizing the disabled or elderly by withholding food and water or by any other means, it is at its core an act of total selfishness.

The reality is that instead of “putting them out of their misery”, we are putting them out of ours.


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